Well, where to begin I suppose the humble beginnings of Shropshire in 1966, I was always surrounded by guitars at an early age but this didn’t impact me at first sight like the old fables say it was later on in my teen years were moving to the Wirral would grow my appetite for the wonderful instrument. I had many inspirations that lead me on this path but my personal heroes were The Shadows having been bemused by Hank Marvins’ ability to make the guitar sing and of course The Beatles. From these inspirations, I wanted to learn guitar so badly that I locked myself away in my room and replayed vinyl endlessly to teach myself how to play chords it took me the next few years but eventually I came out able to play the guitar. Leaving school in 1982 I wanted to pursue my musical career I partnered with my life long friend Andy Harris, we played songs by The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel this venture lead to us forming our band ‘Classic Affair’ in 1984 over the next several years we performed many gigs and events, and remained music partners for decades to come, After taking a few years break due to Andys passing I decided to bring back music into my life and built a new solo acoustic set in 2018 and started going back out on the road on the 22nd of February 2019 at the wonderful Oak Bistro Bar Greasby and since then the journey has just blossomed into something I couldn’t have planned but here I am enjoying it.

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